At JCK Batch Plant, we have produced more than 12 million cubic yards of concrete building a concrete mix design library of over 2,000 designs. Our concrete consistently exceeds strength and all other quality performance requirements requested by our customers.

JCK Batch designs and supplies concrete mixes that meet explicit job specifications for the residential, commercial, and municipal construction markets under the direct in-house supervision of a State of Texas licensed Professional Engineer.

As part of our commitment to research and development, our Plant managers have the responsibility to constantly test new products and enhancements. The use of new admixtures, fibers, temperature control chemicals, and specialty aggregates are part of our commitment to innovation.

Residential Concrete

Formulated for durability and balance for neighborhoods. Once settled, you see reduced shrinkage cracks and improved impact resistance for years to come. Optimal for sidewalks, driveways, walkways, patios, steps, garage and shed floors. It is also ideal for repairs where fast setting and rapid high strength are needed.

Commercial & Industrial Concrete

Our Commercial Ready-Mix designs are created for higher-end high performance and engineered to meet enterprise commercial/industrial ready-mix specifications. Super plasticized for higher slump and compressive strengths with corrosion inhibitors. Ideal for large-scale projects, including those requiring small structural concrete applications or when ready mix truck access is restricted. Our mixes are also optimal for structural applications and full depth repairs.

Special Mix Concrete

From custom staining to specialized repairs, please enquire with any special needs or questions.

On Site Mobile Batching

Paving, streets & neighborhoods.

Concrete Blocks

Specialty made for walls, pavements and other masonry structures.

No matter what your ready-mix needs are, we able to formulate an engineered mix design to align with your project specifications. Reach out to our JCK team with any needs for your next project, big or small.